Security Solution

The security experts team in Emma4Christ Electronics examines internal networks, wireless networks (WiFi), systems and applications (web and mobile) with the goal of identifying potential vulnerabilities which could be exploited by dangerous entities.


Security Assessments

The security experts team in Emma4Christ Electronics examines internal networks, wireless networks (WiFi), systems and applications (web and mobile) with the goal of identifying potential vulnerabilities which could be exploited by dangerous entities.

As a result of the analysis, both technical and executive reports are provided which includes the current security status and the targets of evaluation. Suggestions and recommendations are included to guide in the task of preventing and mitigating the most dangerous cyberattacks, considering all possible alternatives to improve security.






Penetration Testing

Our goal in Emma4Christ Electronics is to demonstrate how a real attacker could compromise their targets (applications, systems, networks, infrastructure…) taking control of them, putting their availability and information in risk.

In a Penetration Test, the main techniques employed by malicious hackers are identified, selected and emulated, cleaning every track and clue left by the attack process, and obtaining additional data which could be useful to exploit adjacent systems.


Software Code Audit

Emma4Christ Elechronics provides software code audits in automated, manual, execution and static modes, finding critical issues and weaknesses in the source code before they become actual vulnerabilities.

Statistics of changes relative to the audited code.

Non-compilable code audit capabilities.

Auditing code in run time.

Maximum number of supported languages available.


Vulnerability management 

Emma4Christ Electronics provides continuous vulnerability monitoring services: Vulnerability scanning in networks, systems and applications, false positive removal, assets discovery, dashboards for Technological risks, technical and executive information, IT Life Cycle management integration, integration with ticketing applications, patches, detailed reports for remediation, IT management through open interfaces.

Integrated with the rest of the services available in Emma4Christ Electronics related to security assessments, we can mitigate vulnerabilities in a very short period of time, reducing associated risks to the minimal.


Software Vulnerability Management

With the help of SVM (Software Vulnerability Management) solutions, Emma4Christ Electronics has the goal of eliminating one of the most common vector attacks inside the organizations: software vulnerability exploitation. The main source of this problem comes from the business careness regarding software updates and their application since they represent high costs.

They allow to keep inventories up to date with all the available software.

Latest software patches already set up to be deployed automatically.

Customized alerts according to the newest threats.


Security Information and Event Management

The SIEM solutions Emma4Christ Electronics offers allow to detect both in-house (coming from employees) and external (cybercriminals) threats when software vulnerabilities are involved.

SIEM solutions act when prevention measures are not enough. They raise security alerts in real-time based on events and patterns, which allows prevention of even the most complex attacks.

Threat prevention

  • Threat prevention even when they are not based on vulnerabilities. (Malware, Reverse Engineering, Information Leakage, Denial of Services…).

Prevent attacks coming from Zero-Day vulnerabilities, when no official fix is available.

Prevent every sort of attack even before they are executed.

Designed to detect threats using information gathering, analysis and reporting techniques.

Information is gathered from security devices such as Firewalls, IDS/ IPS, WAFs, IP Cameras, Workstations...

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