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Sales of Laptops

Sales of brand new and refurbished laptops and accessories, good quality, excellent specifications, accessories of good conditions and all in well-known brand news.

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining your electronic devices from failing and thereby lasting longer and repairing your electronic device from a broken state to a usable state. 

Sales of Smartphones

Sales of brand new and refurbished, good quality smartphone with good specifications and well-known brand names including the various phone accessories all just for you.

Sales of Security Devices

Security devices like Cameras, alarm systems and many more are available, not only the sale but also the installation of these devices. Chint is the world’s best brand name in security. 

Software Development

We develop, design and manage web applications, websites, desktop, and mobile applications.

I.T. Consultancy

Providing technology consulting advice to business organizations on how best to use information technology to achieve maximum results.

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