Full-Service I.T Company

Sales, maintenance, repairs, development of software, consultancy and many more are all available to you, no matter your location!

Our Services

Our services include maintenance and repairs of electronic devices, I.T Consultancy, software development, database management and the sale of electronic devices like laptops, smart phones and security devices.


Sales of brand new and refurbished, good quality electronic devices such as laptops, smartphones and security devices of well-known brand news. 

Maintenance and Repairs

Maintaining your electronic devices from failiing and thereby lasting longer and repairing your electronic device from a broken state to a usable state. 

Software Development

We develop, design and manage web applications, websites, desktop, and mobile applications.

I.T Consultancy

Providing technology consulting advice to business organizations on how best to use information technology to achieve maximum results

Who we are


Our Goals

Our goal is to set the standard for on-site computer, cell phones solutions through fast, on-site service and response. Our customers will always receive one-on-one personal attention at a very affordable price. Our customers will receive the highest quality of customer service available. Our employees will receive extensive training, a great place to work, fair pay and benefits, incentives to use their own good judgment to solve customers’ problems.

Our Objectives


  • To provide the best service available to the community at an affordable price.
  • To generate substantial market share so that Emma4christ Electronics LTD is a common name.
  • Constant growth in sales from start up through year three.
  • To generate customer satisfaction so that at least 40% of our customer base is repeat business

Our Motivation





Do We Work Remotely?

No matter the location of our clients, their tasks and projects are always taken care of thanks to technology. With the help of Skype and zoom, our clients who need our IT Consulting expertise services are always meet on time. And with the help of GitHub and GitLab, all software development projects are welcomed and taken care of and handled. 

Our Clients

Let’s Work Together

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